How to promote a product through advertising on Facebook

Facebook is the most effective way to promote the products in the online advertising channels today. Because Facebook has more than 1 billion members, and these members spend most of their time on Facebook. For example, the average member spent 90 minutes per day to log on Facebook. In addition, demographic parameters such as age, gender, and preferences, national are stored in the database which will be used for Facebook advertisers and businesses. Facebook is a target channel for right customer and industry.

As the result, you should take advantage of this method to promote your products through advertising channels on Facebook.

Today, I will guide you to promote a product through Facebook advertising by the most cost effective way.

In order to promote products on Facebook, you need to create a Facebook page like this.

Here I will teach how to create a Facebook page to promote a product through advertising channels Facebook

How to Create a Facebook page to promote a product on Facebook

First, click here to create a Facebook page.

Then you click on “Ideas and the community” as shown below:

Next, you should name your Facebook page in the name of the product you need to promote (or your store name or your company) and click “Start " as shown below :

Then, type one short description about your products. You should insert your website address in the box and name your website link URL for your Facebook page and click "Continue " as shown below:

Next, you should select the appropriate image that represent your Facebook page (you can choose the product picture or your portrait) and upload them to Facebook on profile page, after completing the last one click button "Continue " as shown below:

There are few extra favorites Facebook page, you can choose to add or skip this section

On the step to promote Facebook page, you skip this to complete Facebook page.

Ok, when you have created your Facebook page, you need to complete it. You need to select and upload a cover photo on the Facebook page attractively. The cover images should contain messages in order to convey your product. You can see pictures as the reference:

You proceed to the Facebook page that has 5 to 10 fascinating articles related to your product (On every post you are inserting images and links to your website). Then you choose the most attractive article to promote your products through the Facebook advertising channels.

I will instruct to build and optimize your Facebook page.  

Set up and optimize Facebook advertising to promote your product effectively

  Currently, many users received the advertising because many advertisers are using Facebook channel to promote products and brands, which inadvertently pushed the amount of advertising costs on Facebook.  Many advertisers are worried about costs because the revenues are not enough to cover for advertising cost. That is the reason, having advertising experience is crucial.

So, I will guide you how to optimize Facebook advertising costs. In order to master the game, you have to understand the factors affecting the cost of advertising on Facebook. There are many impact such as How to display ads in the country, how many competitors are there, how much you bid, advertising content, and advertising audience...

In this article I will only discuss two factors are the content and the quality of the audiences.

So let's learn 2 factors impact how to advertise on Facebook effectively!

Facebook advertising costs will depend on the level of advertising content

Advertising content is important, it does not only affect the cost factor but also impact on your sales.

What happens if your ad content does not attract as users such as users don’t get enough views, comment, and share.  After the first time, advertising run less interactive so Facebook will automatically lower the priority for your ad. Your ads will appear less than your competitors' ads, if you can not change any of the content and quality of audiences, they will force you to increase the bid on ad in order to appear more. As the result, you have to create compelling content.

As you test your content, you should test 4 to 6 advertisements with words and attractive images. You try to run all samples in a short time on the first group of users to view ads. After the first time, you obtained the best sample in the template to run the official content. Or if you have the time, you can make more elaborated ads by choosing 2 most interactive forms of the sample, then you change the wording of this sample matched to the other sample image and vice versa. Please try to find out the best modeling template to run official.

Ok, so the creation of such content should be enough. Now we will learn quality of audience

Facebook advertising cost depends on the user group that the users want to see your ad

Your target group is a very important as It influence to the costs as well as the success or failure of your advertising campaign does.

As explained in the advertising content, if your ad is not attracted content, the bid will be increase. So, you want to increase the interactive advertising, you must create
compelling content and Target to the best Audience

What ads do the customers focus the most? Majority will target the general criteria such as age, gender, city, and education ... so as not wrong but will waste money because large display ad will cause big budget to happen.

Currently, the analytical methods often rely on the advertising group such as Facebook page and event page. The group, fan page, the event will find the people with same interest. For example, your cosmetic business will show you the ads related to beauty. Your job is simply to find the Facebook page, group, event on Facebook related to your product and get the list to create audiences on the advertising manager on your Facebook, your ads will be displayed to this list when the installation has finished. It is important that people in this list will be shortened greatly in order to reduce the cost of advertising and get higher the conversion rate because your list has been carefully analyzed.

As now, I will show you how to upload a list of users that you want your ads to be shown to your potential customers.

Guidelines to upload a list of users to manage ads:

First you go to this page

Then you click on the circular object as shown below:

Proceed to name and describe the object. The object type you select "user code" in a red circle box as shown below:

Next, you click on "choose your file", then go to the folder containing the user’s file that you created, click the button "Create object" to proceed the file as shown below:

Please wait a few minutes to finish up the list, there will be results as shown below:

Ok, your process is done, now the settings for your ads show on this list.

Guidelines to set out advertising on Facebook ads to display direct to the file that you created

You go to this page to set ads

Then you choose the advertising function as shown below:

Next, select the Facebook page containing your article to be promoted, then select the articles that you want to promote, then click on "Continue" as shown below:

After choosing “continue”, you will see the page as shown below, the content of the ad is posted on Facebook page earlier in this section if you do not want your ad to show on the right column or mobile devices, then delete it.

Regarding the custom object part, you call the object file viewer that you created earlier by typing the file name in custom box as shown below and select the file:

Targeting criteria will be age, country, and gender.... Then you need to understand that your product is designed for those who qualify, and they have to own products? .... As the images showed below, my product are for people who are doing business, I selected criteria such as the age of 24 and they know English, and lived all over the world, and my hobby keeps blank because this was my analysis through the list of files that I was honest. You see the red circle in the box now show little more than 32000 people that I previously uploaded files. My previous file are 100,000 total viewers. Those numbers are stripped down after selecting additional criteria such as age, gender..... This would be convenient for me to auction by the CPM.

Go to settings, then I choose auction as in the figure below, I chose to auction by the CPM because this way I can control the advertising effectiveness. When I have compelling content and quality of the content I would save a lot of money. I'll show you an example, in 1000 viewers, I will spend less than 2392 dong per thousand views that my ads is more attractive and obtained 30 per thousand views. I'll take 79 dong per contract, even if the content is boring, I get 2-3 per thousand views, I'll take 800 dong per like.

After pressing the button "evaluate advertising order" will show up as below, you can see where you need to revise, correct, otherwise proceed to place ads.

After the "place advertisement" then you select which function you want to pay, if any coupons are integrated into the "I have a coupon for change", then click "Continue"

You will see a new window appear asking you to enter your credit card number and card expiry date, CVV code of the credit card, postal codes for each city. After that, you choose nation and press "Submit".

Then go to the manager to manage ads on this link, you will wait until the ad is approved. Usually the approval will take few days or few minutes.

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Case Study of List Eruption Plugin

Case study of List Eruption
Case study of List Eruption
Case study of List Eruption

Impressive numbers of List Eruption

Impressive numbers of List Eruption
Impressive numbers of List Eruption

How does List Eruption Plugin works?

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Using FB Lead Chef To Research Leads On Facebook

You're about to known a wonderful tool that supports for any business. It is FB Lead Chef software. This software is made up as a result of 4 years of business experience in social networks by John Ashwin Christos .

FB Lead Chef's story

FB Lead Chef software is an effective tool to bring millions of dollars in profits for marketers, business owners and next time it will become great stuff brings back numbers of profit for you.  Currently , over  14.000 people using FB Lead Chef software to serve their business on Facebook, it's a pretty impressive numbers.

John Ashwin Christos was scheduled to develop this software from 2012 . Previously , He spent so much money on Facebook ads but it does not bring profit for him . At one point, he was at a loss to $ 16,000 just because advertising on Facebook is not as effective as he's often thought, and soon his customers’ orders went less. He felt depressed with the business over the Internet . . At one point he wanted to quit but because his passion toward business, the work has improved slowly. He thought of maximizing his previous advertising content again, and conducted numerous tests on more samples - which he believed to be the most attractive. After 6 months of testing different contents, he finally found the appropriate ad content template to help him gain a small profit.

He's still not satisfied with the achieved results so he continue looking for the issues solution . He realized that if the people see his ads have no hobbies, interest in the field of his product will not lead to sell.  In order to have more orders, He need target the ad to the right Facebook audience.  With many years of business experience on Facebook, he know that the groups, fan pages and events are where the members have the same interests, the same attention to a problem. For example, the gamers would join the game groups to make friends or communicate with those with same interests. Those who love the business, will join the group, regarding the business pages to discuss the business, etc.

So he tried to obtain a list of members from groups, fan page, events related to his product. After months of studying, his effort created a software to help him obtain a list of audiences watching commercials from the groups, Fanpage , Events  he wish. He named this software is " FB Lead Chef ", it helped him to get a list of the audience matching his products perfectly. Owning this list in hand, he has to upload them to Facebook ads manager, and set up for the ad is appearing on these people's Facebook wall. The result is unexpected, after 2 months running, the rate of his profit increased 3 times comparing to the last time , At one point this rate even go up to 4.5 times.

Example with this Case Study :

FB Lead Chef

The Useful Functions of FB Lead Chef software:

- It can extract a list of UIDs of those members regularly interact with the group, Fanpage you want (you will upload this list up the Facebook ads Manager and set the display ads to this list of members). The software only take those members who active in the Group and fan page. it not taking all the members so helping you get a perfect list because only take people who really care about that topic. That explains why many advertising campaigns on Facebook reaches a very high conversion rate when using FB Lead Chef.

- It can also extract a list of UIDs on all members of the group, if you feel like every members on groups really care to group's topics ,you have the choice to taking the UIDs of all members of that group.

- When you extract UIDs it also give a list of Facebook emails, you can use this email list to promote your product, or use it to upload to your Facebook ads Manager. The advertising will be shown to those Facebook emails; this method also gives you a ton of profit.

How to use FB Lead Chef software to research target customers on Facebook

I will guide you how to have  list of audience you wish, then guide to upload them to your Facebook ads manager and guide to setup  your  ads display to this list.

It is important , This List will be shortened so much, it help you save much FB ads cost and help you get high conversion rate sale .Because the quality of audience be choose from passionate members not the all members.

Guide to get list of audience  you wish on Facebook Ads

To get list of audience you wish , you need download  FB Lead Chef software , this software will help you extract members from Groups , Events , Fan page  you wish.

Example , I'm selling beauty products   ,  Through  some  keywords on Facebook search related beauty product  , I have found this this page have fans can become my potential customers : 

-    ………………………………………….

Then , I use FB Lead Chef software to extract UIDs from that page . You type name  of that page you want extract members at search box of  FB Lead Chef  and check on page option . Then you click on “ Passionate Members “ button to extract members .

Facebook ads guide

Then you click on " Click to extract passionate members" button as image below:

FB Lead Chef

When extract complete, you need save passionate members's file . Then you open passionate members's file ( Format of file is CSV ) that you just save and copy the all Facebook email on column C as image below :

FB Lead Chef

When copy the all Facebook email on column C complete, you create a file have format is .TXT , then you paste the all facebook email at file .TXT as image below:

FB Lead Chef

So, you have list of audience you wish, you will upload that list to Facebook Ads manager .

Guide to upload your List of audience to Facebook Ads Manager

You Click at this Link

You click on  “ Create Audience “  Button and choose " Custom Audiences"

Facebook ads guide 2

And You choose  “ Data File Custom Audience “  button

Facbook ads guide

You type name, description   , At data file you choose “ Emails “  ,  choose file .TXT you have just create  to upload  and click “ Create Audience “ button . 

Facebook ads guide

Result after upload complete 

Facebook ads guide 5

Guide to setup your ads display to List of audience you wish on Facebook ads

You click on this link to set up ads

You Choose kind of ads you want , In the image , I choose “ Click to website “

Facebook ads guide 4

After I setup content of ads completed , I call beauty Audience that I have created . I type name “beauty Audience “  in box custom audience to call and click data file of beauty audience .

Facebook ads guide

And setup other targeted as Age, Location , Gender …. And completed for ads

Visit FB Lead Chef's Homepage :


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You will be able to understand SEO in a better way and would be able to incorporate the methods in your business ensuring high ranking of your site.

Traffic Recon overview

Creator of Traffic Recon:

The creator of Traffic Recon is Matt Cullen who has been in the business of software development since 2004. He has introduced a number of useful software all of which has been of great benefit to the users and includes the likes of instant Pop Over, article apps, niche revolution, blogger apps, simply PLR and so on.

Launch date of Traffic Recon:

14th August 2013

Product Niche:

SEO and traffic

Why you should use Traffic Recon?

It is not easy to understand the methods that work behind SEO. If you are not high in the ranking list you will be lost in the crowd and all your attempts to resurface will be futile. In addition to that, Google continues to disturb the site owners with new innovations like Google panda and Penguin. If you wish to rise above your competition, Traffic Recon is the perfect option for you. It is able to guide you through the path that will ensure that your site gets the high ranking that it deserves. It does so by the following mechanisms:

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•    You will be able to unravel the secret as to how you can create a SEO friendly site without over optimization and differ from others.

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Result of Traffic Recon

Traffic Recon Result
Traffic Recon result
Traffic Recon result

Traffic Recon bring more profit for Client

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Viral FB formula overview

Author of viral FB formula:

The man behind Viral FB Formula is Kevin Sousa who used simple methods to get attention on Facebook without resorting to tactics like hacking and other software. He managed to get people to notice him in a way which did not have any objectionable route.

Product niche

Facebook marketing and traffic

Why you must use viral FB formula?

There is a simple reason on why you should use Viral FB Formula. You need to understand that there are ways using which you can use the traffic of Facebook to get comments on your posts and the ways do not necessarily have to be over the top. It is not any magic but simple strategies that will make you famous on Facebook. There are many features in the Viral FB Formula that unravel the mystery behind the success of certain posts.

•    Using the Viral FB Formula you will be able to understand the tactics which will make your posts go viral without any problem.

•    You will be aware of the common mistakes that people tend to do in their posts and will be taught as to how you can evade them.

•    Most importantly you will be able to learn how you can convert comments on your posts into leads and sales.

•    You will be able to understand the importance of videos in the success of any posts and will be taught the way to upload them

Viral FB Formula is no magic. It is a strategy that works in a legitimate manner and helps in making profit while staying in the limits of law and preventing you form being banned. The only thing that you have to make sure is that you do not use this formula to spread negativity as this will take the whole essence of the formula out.

Result of  Viral FB Formula

Viral FB Formula result

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