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Webinar Jam 2017

webinar Jam

If the reports are anything to go by, video conferencing, live stream broadcast and webinars witnessed a dramatic boost with the introduction of an incredible webinar tool that is compatible with Google Hangouts.

Not long after, webinar jam team introduced an updated version - Webinar Jam Studio. Fortunately, the new version had standard and better features than people expected; it had better engaging and interesting features.

Webinar Jam Review

For an updated webinar jam review as at 2016, besides the info given below, check out the webinar jam studio review above. It is the most updated version of webinar service and platform.

The Webinar Jam is an effective tool that helps to control, enhance, and ease the use of Google Hangout platform. In summary, Webinar Jam complements and cover-up the shortcomings of Google Hangouts platform, providing an excellent webinar and video conferencing services for internet marketers looking to boost sales.

What’s So Special About Webinar Jam?

From a layman's view, Webinar Jam may be seen as a leading name for businesses and organizations that need to incorporate live video broadcasting to enhance sales.

Webinar Jam enhances webinar events by modifying live events with some cool tools, broadens online reach through Google+ and Google Hangouts, creating an opportunity for webinar hosts to introduce offers for products and services and upsells to attendees of the webinar. This happens within the live broadcast window; offering hosts an opportunity to sell their products and services though a webinar easily.

A fascinating feature- from a business and marketing point of view- is the ability of Webinar Jam to use the social and ranking potentials of Google Hangouts. Live broadcasting and recordings can be viewed on both Google+ and YouTube; two top social platforms owned by Google, which offers you 2 trusted backlinks and access to better online exposure and traffic- trust me, everyone yearns for these.

Webinar Jam is also integrated with most of the attractive and exciting features found in the top webinars and web video conferencing apps available in the market. This gives this software an edge above others.

To further spice it up, Webinar Jambs software simplifies the setup and broadcast of live meetings which can be streamed globally. This large spread is a great advantage to business owners who wishes to advertise their product to a target audience spread across the globe.

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The Other Side of Webinar Jam

webinarjamJust like every product and services have some shortcomings, Webinar Jam is not without problems.

Initially at its release, a lot of clients had issues using the software while some had positive user experience with the software. Software solutions that claim to work with all devices, browsers, and operating system are usually victims of customer complaints. Here are some problems encountered by users of Webinar Jam:

· Since the service is browser based and cannot be downloaded to your PC, you will be required first to download a browser application; some malfunctioning may be expected. All computers are configured to work differently, and there could be a conflict with some browser plugins on the PC. However, an elimination process should easily and quickly detect the cause of the problem and follow up with a fix seamlessly.

However, it is most certain that Webinar Jam technicians would have taken note of their lapses and improve on the flaws experienced by the first users of the webinar platform.

· Support desk problems have also hit the Company. In times past, a lot of customers have expressed total disappointment in the slow replies to created tickets. Are you still experiencing same delayed response to requests, kindly inform us to enable us to keep new clients updated. Obviously, not everyone would have access to webinar's use of Google Hangouts.

· Time lag is another big issue. Most customers criticize the delay in passing information between the audience and the presenter. This delay varies between 3 to 12 seconds. This can be a big problem for both the presenter and audience.

Therefore, you may not be making the right choice if you are considering Webinar Jam for a conversational webinar presentation where you need fast feedback from the other side. On the other hand, the webinar is a perfect fit for traditional presentations like a PowerPoint presentation, where a question and answer session comes up at the end.

For seekers of webinar software with swift live-streaming that uses Amazon AWS's servers and which combines all of Webinar Jam primary features and far below the price of GotoWebinar, then you may be considering new webinar software. Click here to learn more
It is noteworthy that we have not tested the new platform, so we cannot be sure of its benefits and shortcomings: if you think it’s worth giving a trial then ensure to take advantage of the 30-day trial.

Why Should I Use Webinar Jam?

Besides the shortcomings discussed above, you stand to gain a lot from Webinar Jam. There are a lot of power-packed features in Webinar solution; this is evident in the increasing number of webinar users opting for Webinar Jam. Now let’s examine some benefits:

Competitive Cost of Webinar Jam

Another benefit is the highly competitive cost of Webinar Jam software service; this is a major problem with other software. Unlike as it is with many other webinar software, you do not pay any monthly fee or cost that rises based on the numerical strength of attendees. 

No monthly billing, just a reasonable annual fee. This surprisingly affordable rate makes webinar jam one of the least expensive webinar software solutions available in the market. Even with its comparatively low price, it still has better features than more expensive options like GoToWebinar. For the latest Webinar Jam cost, see our pricing and discount page

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Easy Set-up and Broadcast of Live Video Conferencing with Webinar Jam

webinar jam studio
The simplicity in setting up the live web video conferencing is amazing.

The software has well-designed templates for landing page which can be configured in few minutes. You can stream live broadcasts on your blog or website.

Now you do not need any webinar know-how before setting up and broadcasting your live video event.

100% Compatibility with Webinar Jam: It Works on Mac, Windows, & Linux Computers; all internet Browsers &on Mobile Devices

Since you do not need to download any software, but a browser plugin, it works on all operating system, Mac or Windows and any browser. It is also compatible with all mobile devices. But just as it is with any browser-based software, there have been loads of complaints from users about conflicts between the software and other browser plugin installed on their PC. This notwithstanding can easily be resolved.

One great thing about the universal compatibility of the software is the opportunity it gives to users to pass information to a larger and wider audience since no software is required to be able to participate in the live webinar. Also, there are no compatibility issues with browsers, devices, and operating systems. A lot of potential attendees may put off the idea of downloading software to their PC to be able to watch a broadcast

Let the World Watch Your Public Webinar Event with Webinar Jam

webinar jam
Due to its integration with Google+ and Google Hangouts, you enjoy an amazing and unique feature that will add life to your webinar events.

Notable personalities like The American President Barak Obama and Movie producer Steven Spielberg use Google Hangouts for live video conferences.

Webinar Jam helps your live broadcasts in utilizing the wide reach and ranking potentials of Google Hangouts which currently outranks YouTube Videos.

No Restriction of Video Conference Broadcast and the Number of Webinar participants with Webinar Jam

webinar jam site
Webinar Jam, unlike most webinar software, offers users the opportunity to run unlimited web conferences and events. You can also invite an unlimited number of attendees as you wish as there are no restrictions.

On Webinar Jam, You Can Easy Copy & Paste Or Point & Click Software

webinar jam official
You can broadcast your live web event simply with some clicks, copy, and paste or point & click. You could have well-designed webinar pages running in few minutes.

So you've got no reason whatsoever not to introduce live web video events and webinars in your marketing and sales arsenal.

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Your Attendees Are engaged& Attentive WithVersatile and Dynamic Video Presentations with Webinar Jam

webinar jam
Webinar Jam has a versatile and dynamic live broadcasting platform Webinar presentation can be broadcasted right from your desktop, PowerPoint, internet browser, webcam, or any application you wish to use; the choice is solely yours.

Also, since the platform is built on Google's trusted Hangout it makes navigation (e.g., between your browser and webcam) easy

The versatility of the presentation makes it efficient in engaging your audience; making them interested and fully participating.

Live Streaming Right On Your Facebook Page With Webinar Jam

Do you have an account on any social platform like Facebook? Then you can stream your live broadcast right on your Facebook page, and this can be shared with your audience on Facebook. You can count on the comments, shares and likes you'll get from Facebook and other social platforms.

Live Streaming on Google+ and YouTube With Webinar Jam

You can now stream your life broadcast right inside Google+ and YouTube. And with a few clicks, you can also host your recordings on your private YouTube channel.

Everyone say about Webinar Jam

webinar jam review

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[OFFICIAL] Video Maker FX Full 2017 - Download Now

Video Maker FX

Definition of Video Maker FX?

Video Maker FX is a software that lets you to create specialized quality animation style videos within a fraction of the time it takes in traditional video editing softwares.
You can utilizeVideo Maker FX to create videos likesketch animation videos, kinetic text style commercials, slide presentation videos, character animation videos … almost all the high value stuff you see folks using today to make a fun, lively atmosphere that will make you WANT to pay rapt attention.

video Maker FX

Everybody knows that video is significant to their business. It has been proven that by adding video to your marketing, it can increase sales by up to 64%.

But regrettably, making quality videos has conventionally been a VERY tough process.

Video Maker FX makes the process simple.

In this evaluation, I will touch on all of Video Maker FX’s merits so you can understand what this software can do and whether or not you will like to use it to grow your business.

But first, here is a quick video I created to demonstrate an example of the things you can do with Video Maker FX in only a few minutes…

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How Is Video Maker FX Different From The Rest?

Before Video Maker FX came onboard, there were only2 options. If you felt likecreating quality videos such as this for your business…


The first selection is to learn how to make use of all the tools yourself. The procedureusually go like this…

Be an expert in utilizing complicated software to create video (a 35 second video commercialcan take you some days to create).

 Install video converting program and learn about video file setups{formats} so that you can export your video you into an editing software.

Record and import your audio (perhapsby using another program) to your editing software.

Master some insanely complex video editing softwareto enable you get your video sounding and looking ok.

Buy a new PC to enable you run all these resource demanding programs that can freeze up an old, slow computer.

Sounds difficult right… It is.


The second selection is to pay somebody to do it. Unfortunately, for some people, this is the way out.

To pay someone to create a video for you that is on par with the quality Video Maker FX produces.You would be eyeing hundreds, or perhaps thousands of dollars dependent on how long the video will be and if itrequired voice overs, etc.
That is an outrageous amount of cash to pay for just one video.

In the subsequent section Video Maker FX review, I will explain how the software works…

It's easy to download Video Maker FX Now. You only Click through button below

The Way Video Maker FX Work?

Video Maker FX consist of pre-done scenarios. Each scene can be customized. You can insert your texts, images, edit the background, alter the colors,animations, font etc.

The scenes looksawesome, but if you feel like getting a little inventive, Video Maker FX will give you all the apparatuses you need to make some truly spectacular videos.

There’re hundreds of scenes comprisedwithin the software and there is even aselection to receive 50+ brand new scenes monthly (great choice if you make lots of videos).

The scenes are classified into separate themes. For each theme contain a selection of acts that all blend together to create anorganized story. This will allow you to easily make a great looking video by making using of the slides contained in a particular theme.

But you’re also able to mix and match any scene within the software at any time to make unique videos. There aren’t any limitations as to how you can organize the scenes, which means the prospects are endless.

As soon as your video is created the way you like it, it takes onlysomeclicks to add any of the exclusive audio tracks to make your video come alive.

They also made it super easy to add a voice over file as well so you can utilize narration to engage your audience.

Once your video is finished, simply hit the export button and the video will be immediately exported as mp4 format. To Export a 60 second video will takeyou below 2 minutes… which is fast.

Another thing is that Video Maker FX is tremendously light on computer assets. Some other video software might overheat your processor to a nuclear status. However with Video Maker FX, you can run other programs with it without any effect on the performance.

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Product Support of Video Maker FX

I’m impressed with the kind of care Video Maker FX offers to its clients. I attended some of their webinars to study how to better utilize the software and I was satisfied with the assistance they provided.

They have also pushed out numerous updates to the software to enable it feel easier to use based on the feedback they got from users. These updates do not just improve the user experience, they have been working hard to make sure that every computer, PC, Mac, new and old, is capable of running Video Maker FX without any complications.

Their direct care is on top of their game. I opened a ticket and got an answer As Soon As Possible.

Video Maker FX Evaluation – Bottom Line

After all said and done, after appraising Video Maker FX, it is hard to find anything bad about this piece of software. It is inexpensive, runs smoothly, and enables you to make stunning videos in minutes.

Video Maker FX wasintended for anybody to use, which is what made me to like it.

They have taken something that is typically hard to do (creatingspecialized quality animation style video) and made it into something that anybody can do. That is pretty remarkable.

If you are lookingfor an easy way to spruce up your marketing and grow your business, you would have a hard time getting an offer that is betterthan Video Maker FX.

Everyone say about Video Maker FX

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[OFFICIAL] Easy Sketch Pro Full 2017 - Download Now

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Have you recently heard about Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 and have suddenly become interested in it? If that’s the case, go ahead and read my review below to determine not only the strengths and weaknesses of it, but whether or not it’s what you’re looking for.
easy sketch pro

The Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is not only one of the bestselling products from JV ZOO ever, but it has made the internet realise that creating “doodle sketch” videos is one of the best methods to make money on the internet.

Nobody understands the reasoning behind it although for whatever reason, the time to make the big bucks through affiliate product promotion is now.

The only issues with it is that not only are doodle sketch videos very difficult to make, they are also very expensive and can cost up to $500 per minute of video.

Luckily, Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 makes the whole process a lot easier to the point that even if you aren’t very tech savvy, you can still get it installed and be working on a new project within minutes. If this hasn’t convinced you, read some of the information about Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 below and prepare to be amazed.

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easy sketch pro download

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Basic Information

Creator – Andrew Fox et al

Name of Product – Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Date of Release – 4th of November 2014

Front-End Price – $29

Sales Webpage –

Perfectly Compatible With Easy Sketch Pro

What Is Easy Sketch Pro?

Easy Sketch Pro is a piece of software which makes creating a doodle sketch video a whole lot easier. No matter how much you know about computers, this program is incredibly user-friendly.

To use the program, you simply add the text that you want, either images from the program’s library or your own, some background music, and you’re done. That’s all there is to it!

Once you’re done creating your video, you will be able to set the exporting settings as you see fit. With this, you are able to export it in a variety of different video formats.

With Easy Sketch Pro, the number of things that you can do with the program are endless. Whether you’re looking to make doodle sketches for fun or to make them for clients, regardless the reasoning Easy Sketch Pro is what you’re looking for.

What You Need to Know About Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

A little known fact about online marketing is that online users are up to 27 times more likely to click on a video advertisement opposed to clicking on a banner. While 2 years ago the majority of marketing agencies were looking into advertising using images, this has since changed and the standard content which these agencies take advantage of are videos.

A fun fact relating to this is that 2014 was the first year in which online marketers spent more money on video based advertisements than they did text based and image based advertisements. On top of that, the years 2013 and 2014 were the years in which whiteboard animations hit the internet and were the next type of content which marketers took advantage of. It’s no coincidence that the same year that whiteboard animations took the spotlight, more money was spent on video based advertisements.

If you’re an avid internet user then the chances are that over the last few years, you’ve noticed an increase in whiteboard animations being used for marketing purposes. In fact, it is whiteboard animations that are drastically increasing a lot of affiliate marketer’s sales.

Below are a few of the most profitable uses of Easy Sketch Pro 3.0.

- Use Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 to create whiteboard animations to promote your products and increase your sales.

- If you have clients who are yet to get their brand online, you can create impressive high-quality content for their advertising campaigns.

- Want to make some extra money on the side? Get yourself on either Fiverr or SEO Clerks and start up a small animation business. With this, you can create whiteboard animations for money.

It's easy to download Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 now. You only click through button below

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What Are Whiteboard Animations?

If you already understand what a whiteboard animation is and how effective they can be, skip ahead to the features section below. If you don’t yet know, read on.

Whiteboard animations are known by a variety of different titles. Whether it be “Video Scribing”, “Doodle Videos”, “Sketch Videos”, or even “Explainer Videos”. You may have heard them called these before and if you have, whiteboard animations are exactly the same although are named differently.

The term “Whiteboard animation” is appropriate for what it is. With these animations, the creator bases the whole video upon a white canvas. Typically, there is a lack of colour in these animations, although they have proven to be very effective if used properly.

Whilst the artist sketches out the animation, they are recorded. Once they are finished, the recording is sped up and a voice-over is added to it.

Features of Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Things that you can add to your video using Easy Sketch Pro 3.0:

- T2C (Tap to Call). This allows potential customers to call you by tapping on your animation.

- If need be, you can add music from SoundCloud into your video.

- Clips from the website “Vimeo” can be added.

- If there is a YouTube video that you want to be included in your video, you can be.

- Increase your Twitter following by adding a Twitter link.

- Increase your fan base on Facebook by adding a Facebook link.

- Add a Call-To-Action.

- Add your GoToWebinar registration form.

- Add an autoresponder.

Things that you can do to customize your animations more on Easy Sketch Pro 3.0:

- Choose from over 500 included icons.

- Decide the size of the hotspot.

- Decide the colours of your animations.

- Choose the times that you want your animation to be visible.

- Choose whereabouts on the video that you want the sketch.

- Include force capture. This means that the video will stop until the viewer interacts with the hotspot.

- Include text.

After making your videos, you can display then:

- On a link which is shown on the software.

- On your Facebook pages.

- On your YouTube channel.

- Pretty much any website which allows you to upload content.

Alongside these features, you are also able to:

- Gather detailed analytics from your videos viewers. Information such as their country and how they interacted with your video will be available.

- Add your brands logo to the video.

- Add an analytic tracking code to the video so that you can gather even more details which you can take advantage of from a marketing perspective.

Regardless of whether you work on a Mac or a PC, with Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 you are opened up to so many tools.

Everyone say about Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0's FAQ 

What differs Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 from other video creation programs?

Although there’s a wide variety of video creation programs out there, none come close to what Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 offers as there is virtually no competition.

Doodle sketch videos have shown to increase conversion rates by up to 3 times and by taking advantage of the interactive tools provided, you can increase your conversion rates even more.

Are there any other video creation programs which are backed by investors which are worth over $500 Million, similar to that of Com Mirza?

At this moment in time, nope! Com Mirza was incredibly impressed with the initial idea of Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 and was as convinced as us that it would be a success. Furthermore, he was also very aware of how advanced this piece of software was in comparison to some of the other options.

What formats does Easy Sketch Pro allow users to export their videos to?

At this moment in time you are currently able to export videos to MP4 format.

Does Easy Sketch Pro come with a subscription payment?

Usually there would be although at the moment, there is a promotional sale running which offers a onetime payment.

To Conclude…

After taking all of what we’ve discussed today into account, it’s very clear that Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is a program which excels in its industry and if you’re looking for a program which can allows you to easily make professional level doodle sketch videos, this is the program for you. If you are on the edge about the purchase, don’t be! There is also a money-back guarantee so that if you aren’t happy with it, you can get your money back. I assure you that after you try out this program for yourself, you will feel more satisfied than ever.

It's easy to download Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 now. You only click through button below

Easy Sketch Pro download

How to promote a product through advertising on Facebook

Facebook is the most effective way to promote the products in the online advertising channels today. Because Facebook has more than 1 billion members, and these members spend most of their time on Facebook. For example, the average member spent 90 minutes per day to log on Facebook. In addition, demographic parameters such as age, gender, and preferences, national are stored in the database which will be used for Facebook advertisers and businesses. Facebook is a target channel for right customer and industry.

As the result, you should take advantage of this method to promote your products through advertising channels on Facebook.

Today, I will guide you to promote a product through Facebook advertising by the most cost effective way.

In order to promote products on Facebook, you need to create a Facebook page like this.

Here I will teach how to create a Facebook page to promote a product through advertising channels Facebook

How to Create a Facebook page to promote a product on Facebook

First, click here to create a Facebook page.

Then you click on “Ideas and the community” as shown below:

Next, you should name your Facebook page in the name of the product you need to promote (or your store name or your company) and click “Start " as shown below :

Then, type one short description about your products. You should insert your website address in the box and name your website link URL for your Facebook page and click "Continue " as shown below:

Next, you should select the appropriate image that represent your Facebook page (you can choose the product picture or your portrait) and upload them to Facebook on profile page, after completing the last one click button "Continue " as shown below:

There are few extra favorites Facebook page, you can choose to add or skip this section

On the step to promote Facebook page, you skip this to complete Facebook page.

Ok, when you have created your Facebook page, you need to complete it. You need to select and upload a cover photo on the Facebook page attractively. The cover images should contain messages in order to convey your product. You can see pictures as the reference:

You proceed to the Facebook page that has 5 to 10 fascinating articles related to your product (On every post you are inserting images and links to your website). Then you choose the most attractive article to promote your products through the Facebook advertising channels.

I will instruct to build and optimize your Facebook page.  

Set up and optimize Facebook advertising to promote your product effectively

  Currently, many users received the advertising because many advertisers are using Facebook channel to promote products and brands, which inadvertently pushed the amount of advertising costs on Facebook.  Many advertisers are worried about costs because the revenues are not enough to cover for advertising cost. That is the reason, having advertising experience is crucial.

So, I will guide you how to optimize Facebook advertising costs. In order to master the game, you have to understand the factors affecting the cost of advertising on Facebook. There are many impact such as How to display ads in the country, how many competitors are there, how much you bid, advertising content, and advertising audience...

In this article I will only discuss two factors are the content and the quality of the audiences.

So let's learn 2 factors impact how to advertise on Facebook effectively!

Facebook advertising costs will depend on the level of advertising content

Advertising content is important, it does not only affect the cost factor but also impact on your sales.

What happens if your ad content does not attract as users such as users don’t get enough views, comment, and share.  After the first time, advertising run less interactive so Facebook will automatically lower the priority for your ad. Your ads will appear less than your competitors' ads, if you can not change any of the content and quality of audiences, they will force you to increase the bid on ad in order to appear more. As the result, you have to create compelling content.

As you test your content, you should test 4 to 6 advertisements with words and attractive images. You try to run all samples in a short time on the first group of users to view ads. After the first time, you obtained the best sample in the template to run the official content. Or if you have the time, you can make more elaborated ads by choosing 2 most interactive forms of the sample, then you change the wording of this sample matched to the other sample image and vice versa. Please try to find out the best modeling template to run official.

Ok, so the creation of such content should be enough. Now we will learn quality of audience

Facebook advertising cost depends on the user group that the users want to see your ad

Your target group is a very important as It influence to the costs as well as the success or failure of your advertising campaign does.

As explained in the advertising content, if your ad is not attracted content, the bid will be increase. So, you want to increase the interactive advertising, you must create
compelling content and Target to the best Audience

What ads do the customers focus the most? Majority will target the general criteria such as age, gender, city, and education ... so as not wrong but will waste money because large display ad will cause big budget to happen.

Currently, the analytical methods often rely on the advertising group such as Facebook page and event page. The group, fan page, the event will find the people with same interest. For example, your cosmetic business will show you the ads related to beauty. Your job is simply to find the Facebook page, group, event on Facebook related to your product and get the list to create audiences on the advertising manager on your Facebook, your ads will be displayed to this list when the installation has finished. It is important that people in this list will be shortened greatly in order to reduce the cost of advertising and get higher the conversion rate because your list has been carefully analyzed.

As now, I will show you how to upload a list of users that you want your ads to be shown to your potential customers.

Guidelines to upload a list of users to manage ads:

First you go to this page

Then you click on the circular object as shown below:

Proceed to name and describe the object. The object type you select "user code" in a red circle box as shown below:

Next, you click on "choose your file", then go to the folder containing the user’s file that you created, click the button "Create object" to proceed the file as shown below:

Please wait a few minutes to finish up the list, there will be results as shown below:

Ok, your process is done, now the settings for your ads show on this list.

Guidelines to set out advertising on Facebook ads to display direct to the file that you created

You go to this page to set ads

Then you choose the advertising function as shown below:

Next, select the Facebook page containing your article to be promoted, then select the articles that you want to promote, then click on "Continue" as shown below:

After choosing “continue”, you will see the page as shown below, the content of the ad is posted on Facebook page earlier in this section if you do not want your ad to show on the right column or mobile devices, then delete it.

Regarding the custom object part, you call the object file viewer that you created earlier by typing the file name in custom box as shown below and select the file:

Targeting criteria will be age, country, and gender.... Then you need to understand that your product is designed for those who qualify, and they have to own products? .... As the images showed below, my product are for people who are doing business, I selected criteria such as the age of 24 and they know English, and lived all over the world, and my hobby keeps blank because this was my analysis through the list of files that I was honest. You see the red circle in the box now show little more than 32000 people that I previously uploaded files. My previous file are 100,000 total viewers. Those numbers are stripped down after selecting additional criteria such as age, gender..... This would be convenient for me to auction by the CPM.

Go to settings, then I choose auction as in the figure below, I chose to auction by the CPM because this way I can control the advertising effectiveness. When I have compelling content and quality of the content I would save a lot of money. I'll show you an example, in 1000 viewers, I will spend less than 2392 dong per thousand views that my ads is more attractive and obtained 30 per thousand views. I'll take 79 dong per contract, even if the content is boring, I get 2-3 per thousand views, I'll take 800 dong per like.

After pressing the button "evaluate advertising order" will show up as below, you can see where you need to revise, correct, otherwise proceed to place ads.

After the "place advertisement" then you select which function you want to pay, if any coupons are integrated into the "I have a coupon for change", then click "Continue"

You will see a new window appear asking you to enter your credit card number and card expiry date, CVV code of the credit card, postal codes for each city. After that, you choose nation and press "Submit".

Then go to the manager to manage ads on this link, you will wait until the ad is approved. Usually the approval will take few days or few minutes.