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Official Click Jacker Plugin

What is Click Jacker?

Click Jacker is said to be the best WordPress Plugin that enables you to hijack the permission of the trusted website and makes your un-block able pop-ups to appear on the top of their website. You can easily augment your sales by getting your powerful pop-ups appear on those websites. Click Jacker Plugin will make your pop-up appearing right in front of the customers and you they will be on to your website just by clicking it.

Click Jacker Package offers you

It is a 21 page eBook that will show you that how you can get the traffic diverted to your website? How will the profits pour into your website with the Click Jacker Plugin?

And Bonus Over $250 Value.

Get it today and learn from the Premium Training Videos.

The training video shows you the 13 minutes video of installing and using the plugin.

Features's Click Jacker :

-    You get the immediate traffic.

-    You get the amazing offers to market.

-    You can create the top landing pages.

-    All the required features are included in this package.

-    Its Stealth Mode enables your pop-ups on the paid traffic networks.

-    It fixes the IE/9+ issue when your pop-ups are unable to display.

-    It brings up to date the small changes that enable the pop-ups to appear.

-    On the add Campaign pages, it do the “Frame Breaking Detection”.

These are the features that will turn your website into the big money market. You no longer have to be worried about the traffic generation from the authority trusted website.

Upgraded Version's Click Jacker:

There are several changes have been made in the versions of Click Jacker since it was first introduced. There are 7 versions have been introduced since the first one that was 1.1. The latest version is 3.0 with the features like:

-    Pull Meta from destination page.

-     RSS Feed Generation included.

-    Exists the Pop up even of the pop up displayed.

The Click Jacker is getting improved version by version. Therefore, you can absolutely trust on it regarding the increasing the traffic of your website.

You need to have the web server with the WordPress installed to run this plugin.

Thus, you should not lose any chance of losing this useful plugin that gives you absolute freedom to earn money through your competitors.

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