Guide to targeted to potential customers on Facebook Ads

Facebook is the giant social network with hundreds of millions of members and is a marketers's goldmine. Facebook ads is the best way you need to mine for gold on Facebook .

But many people do not knows how to use Facebook ads effectiveness. I see people throw a lot of money into it and not get being effective for them.  One of the factors affecting their results is the quality of the audience . If people see your ad and does not interact with ads such as pressing  Like , share , commented , click via the website ..., Ads is wasted and you will lose a lot of money for advertising .

So, I will guide you how to have  list of audience you wish, then guide to upload them to your Facebook ads manager and guide to setup  your  ads display to this list.

It is important , This List will be shortened so much, it help you save much FB ads cost and help you get high conversion rate sale .Because the quality of audience be choose from passionate members not the all members.

Guide to get list of audience  you wish on Facebook Ads

To get list of audience you wish , you need download  FB Lead Chef software , this software will help you extract members from Groups , Events , Fan page  you wish.

Example , I'm selling beauty products in Vietnam  ,  Through  some  keywords on Facebook search related beauty product  , I have found this this page have fans can become my potential customers : 

-    ………………………………………….

Then , I use FB Lead Chef software to extract UIDs from that page . You type name  of that page you want extract members at search box of  FB Lead Chef  and check on page option . Then you click on “ Passionate Members “ button to extract members .

Facebook ads guide

Then you have list of audience you wish, you will upload that list to Facebook Ads manager .

Guide to upload your List of audience to Facebook Ads Manager

You Click at this Link

You click on  “ Create Audience “  Button

Facebook ads guide 2

And You choose  “ Data File Custom Audience “  button

Facbook ads guide

You type name, description   , At data file you choose “ User IDs “  ,  choose list of audience  you need to upload  and click “ Create Audience “ button . 

Facebook ads guide

Result after upload complete 

Facebook ads guide 5

Guide to setup your ads display to List of audience you wish on Facebook ads

You click on this link to set up ads

You Choose kind of ads you want , In the image , I choose “ Click to website “

Facebook ads guide 4

After I setup content of ads completed , I call beauty Audience that I have created . I type name “beauty Audience “  in box custom audience to call and click data file of beauty audience .

Facebook ads guide

And setup other targeted as Age, Location , Gender …. And completed for ads

If you still don’t  understand  how to use Fb Lead Chef software , you can  watch this video bellow :

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