Facebook Ads Guide to optimize your Facebook Ads

In the first quarter of 2012 financial report published 23/4, Facebook revealed that there was 910 million members visiting Facebook at least 1 time and 526 million members get access per day and about 488 millions members that are using Facebook via mobile devices.

And this is why you should take advantages of traffic from Facebook. 

Today, I will guide you to optimize your Facebook Ads to get under 2 cent per click on Facebook Ads

You can earn traffic by making friend with many people or joining in groups, but it will take a lot of your time and efforts. The best solution is that you should use Facebook ads. I will guide you how to earn traffic from Facebook ads with the cheapest cost without using coupons. Believe in me because I have successfully managed to optimize cost per click less than 2 cent and you can also do like me after that you read this writing. 

Let’s read more about Facebook Ads Guide below :

To advertise on Facebook Ads, you need to have a Facebook account. You may have known this.

Create Facebook fanpage guide to build content for Facebook Ads

 After having a Facebook account, you will create to a fanpage that relates to your website’s content or relate to your interested niche that you need use on facebook ads.

You can create Facebook fanpage at here

You should write about the description of fanpage that will attract people to press “Like” button. The cover and profile image should be also attractive and you should insert a clear message. If you do this well when using Facebook ads, you will attract a lot of likes with the cheapest cost.

Once you have a Facebook fanpage, you precede posting on that. Also, you can insert link to your website on per writing.

You post 10 articles or more, but those articles must be attractive to earn the highest conversion. After finishing a fanpage, you setup  Facebook ads to increase and promote the likes for those articles.

Guide to Extract  and targeted by Facebook UID on Facebook Ads

First, if you want to advertise with the cheapest cost, you need Facebook Lead Chef software. 

You can watch show guide to use and review about Facebook Lead Chef on video bellow : 

Click To Download FB Lead Chef Now

Why must you use this software ? Facebook Lead Chef can extract passionate members from group , event , fan page related to your website . When your ads display to passionate members , you can get high conversion rate and this will help you earn a lot of likes and clicks per CPM – 1000 impression.

Once you have FB Lead Chef software, you will create a Facebook UID list of the people that you want to display ads on their Facebook wall.

After having the Facebook UID list
you begin uploading it on Facebook UID at here  (you should use Google Chrome)  

And setup Facebook ads at here

Watch the below video that guides you to upload Facebook ID and setup Facebook ads.

Some important recommendations when setup Facebook ads :

- You should setup Facebook ads to increase like (to generate traffic in the future ) and promote your fanpage posts ( to generate traffic for the present)

- You absolutely choose auction by cost per mille (CPM). Because this will help you save much money. For example : If you bid $1 per CPM, your ad reaches 100 clicks per CPM (if you have optimized to advertisement at the best level), so you just spend $0.01 per click. Or you have not optimized yet the advertisement, you just get 5 clicks per CPM, and you will spend $0.2 per click. Or if you bid by CPC, you will spend $1 per click.

Ok, you just need to apply what I have written; your advertisement cost on Facebook Ads will be saved a lot.

Wish you success with this Facebook Ads Guide !

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