3 Great Way To Get Facebook ID


It is possible for a task that you need to use facebook ID and do not use your username such as target you , your friend...on post , comment or using Facebook ID on Facebook ads..etc.. So you must get facebook ID .

I will provide  3 way to get facebook ID :

The first way :  you copy https://graph.facebook.com/username  ( replace "username" to your username ) paste into browser address. Results as below :

   "id": "100002064297xxx",

   "name": "L\u00e3o C\u00f2i",
   "first_name": "L\u00e3o",
   "last_name": "C\u00f2i",
   "link": "http://www.facebook.com/username",
   "username": "xxxx",
   "gender": "male",
   "locale": "en_US"
} "

The Second Way :  you go to your facebook page , the next you go to photos menu and then you go to Albums menu, you  click on any album . Finally you look up the browser address , results as shown below :

The third way :  We use software . The software can get 15,000 facebook ID in 60 seconds. you can watch video and download the software at Social Lead Freak 's blog.

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